How to Choose a 2 Wheel Scooter By size

How to choose the right scooter

As a general rule of thumb scooter bars should sit around hip to waist height when standing on the deck. If bars are too far above the waist then the rider will have more difficulty in controlling the scooter and risk hitting their face on the cross bar. If the bars are too low then it could be uncomfortable to ride. The range is all up to personal preference of riding style. Those who like to do a lot of whips and park tricks tend to prefer lower heights. While in contrast the more street style riders prefer higher bars for comfort. The chart in the back of this catalogue gives the bar height measurements from the deck and also from the ground to help when choosing the right scooter.

The other main factor in sizing a scooter is the deck size. The size will determine a lot of things for riding. The bigger the deck the more comfortable it will be for larger riders. The smaller the deck, the easier tricks will be and overall the scooter will be lighter.